NOVA 39th Annual Meeting

Please review the information below before submitting your work. If you have any questions, please contact Natascha Williams at The deadline for submissions is August 21, 2020.

Call for Posters: Join NOVA nurses for an excellent opportunity to present your practice, research, innovations, and projects.  In this shared experience, you will have the opportunity to learn about the new nursing care practices presented by your colleagues. 
  • Share your expertise and knowledge within your nursing practice.
  • Provide your contributions on an equal forum.
  • Share and discuss with nursing colleagues common points of interest.
  • Reflect an innovative aspect of nursing practice, education, research, leadership, or health promotion.
What is an E-Poster?  

E-posters provide viewers high-quality resolution of images and text. Like traditional posters, e-posters provide a concise snapshot of your work, but instead of a physical poster pinned to a board, e-posters are a single slide presentation that is viewed on a computer.  E-poster presenters have the option of submitting a PDF version of their poster OR an mp4 version with an audio recorded file (maximum of 5 minutes) to accompany their e-poster presentation. We recommend using the recording feature through PowerPoint.
  • Prepare your e-poster as an electronic version replicating what a physical poster would look like.
  • No animations or embedded video are permitted.
  • We recommend using PowerPoint to prepare your e-poster.
  • Your e-poster should be created on a single slide (one slide only).
  • There is no required e-poster size.
  • Poster orientation can be either horizontal or vertical.
  • Include title, authors, and institutional affiliation at the top of the e-poster.
  • A brief but clearly worded “Introduction” as well as “Summary and Conclusions” are key features for understanding the data presented.
  • The use of color adds emphasis and draws interest to the presentation.
  • Poster is a visually formatted presentation of a topic using charts, graphs, illustrations, and photographs to supplement a written narrative.
  • Poster should be a summation of completed work or proposed outcomes based on literature review.

Poster Submission Guidelines
  • Individuals may submit more than one abstract.
  • All submitted abstracts should reflect presentations that are fair, balanced, and free of commercial bias. Posters that constitute promotion and advertising will not be accepted.
  • All poster content will be peer-reviewed and scored by NOVA’s Annual Meeting Poster Committee.
  • The authors are responsible for ensuring that the text is accurate, concise, and clear.
  • Posters must be professional in appearance.
  • The poster may be supplemented by handouts.
  • Statements made in posters are the sole responsibility of the author or presenter.  Statements should not be viewed as or considered representative or, any formal stance or position taken on any subject, issue, or product by NOVA.  You do not have to be a NOVA member to submit a poster.

Abstract Guidelines

When submitting the abstract, please include:
  • Primary Presenter Details: name, credentials, VA facility, title, telephone number, and email
  • Co-author(s) Details: name, credentials, company, title, and email
  • Abstract Title: not to exceed 10 words (no abbreviations or acronyms)
  • Objectives: 1-3 measurable learning objectives using action verbs (describe, explain, discuss, etc.) 
  • Presenter Biography: narrative should include present position, employment, highest level of education, honors, and publications.  Biography should be no more than 300 words.
  • Abstract: limit to 500 words (full abstract to be published in your poster)
Abstract Format: Original research or Non-Research Focused

Original research or case study/series: (Original Research does not include quality improvement, program development, clinical practice, policy, technology review etc.)
  • Purpose:
  • Participants/methods:
  • Results:
  • Conclusion:  
Non-research Focused:
  • Purpose
  • Brief background of issue/topic:
  • Significance for practice
  • Conclusion/summary statement

Poster Selection Criteria

Each poster submission will be reviewed for the following elements:
  • Topic: Is the topic significant to nursing practice, education, research, leadership, or health promotion?
  • Description: Is the purpose clearly stated? Is a description included that identifies the need for practice innovation/change?
  • Objectives: Are the objectives clearly stated? Do the learning objectives have measurable verbs?
  • Quality and Clarity: Is the submission well-written and ideas clearly communicated?