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Certification Partnership with Vascular Access Certification Corporation

NOVA has entered into a partnership with the Vascular Access Certification Corporation to help meet its membership certification goals – by offering a $50 discount on the VA-BC exam for NOVA members. The Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC) is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the validation, through certification, of a specialized body of knowledge for all professionals working in the field of vascular access.

If you are a nurse working with vascular access devices, we encourage you to consider getting your Vascular Access Board Certified credential (VA-BC)! 

More information can be found at www.vacert.orgTo receive your $50 discount, please apply the discount code NOVA where indicated on the application.

NOVA members pursuing the VA-BC™ certification must provide a copy of their membership card before their application can be approved. Membership card copies can be faxed to 404-745-0260 or e-mailed to info@vacert.org